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"Hello New York City & Yes, We are OPEN." 

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Cannondale CAADX 105. 

It's a Chameleon. 

It's Gravel, it's Road, it's a Commuter, Touring or Cyclocross. 

Limited availability at $1800.00.

So many bicycles are disappearing. We're excited to be able to at least offer one amazing model that suits so many needs. We have very few so check it out and see what others are saying online about this extraordinary machine.

Looking to Upgrade? 

Uncle Sam might buy your used bike

Electric Bicycles & Scooters Are
Transforming Transportation in NYC

Electric Bikes & Scooters are Transforming New York

E-scooters and E-Bikes are an easy-to-use, environmentally friendly, fast and convenient form of transportation. Shop our growing inventory of electric scooters and electric bikes and change the way you move.

Bike Fit NYC

Bike, Shoe & Saddle Fitting

Our comprehensive fitting system created to help cyclists like you ride faster, longer and in complete comfort, while reducing your chances of injury. Everyone’s body is unique and it’s impossible to perfectly fit every person with the same components which is why shoe and saddle fitting is an important addition to a bike fitting.

Tern Folding Bicycles

Folding bicycles make enormous sense for anyone traveling around the city while also being easy to fold and to store. Tern's claim to fame is that unlike many folding bicycles it is just as solid as any other bike. It's just built solid.

Brompton Folding Bikes

Made in London, England Brompton has been one of the premier folding bike since 1976. Incredibly customizable, light and technically brilliant. The prefect folding bike for New York City.

Folding Bikes NYC

Folding Bikes

Getting around the city can be a real drag too if you have to rely on Buses or the Subway. Escape the boredom on two wheels in the smallest, most convenient package available in New York: The Folding Bike.

Kids' Bikes in NYC

Kids' Bikes

Remember your first bike? We build our kids bikes to ride better, last longer, and carry kids safely to more adventures. Make memories that young riders never forget with a children's bike from Bicycles NYC.

We build bikes.

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