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We carry great scooter brands for adults and kids such as Imoving, Microkickboard & Xootr. Visit us at the shop in the Upper East Side of Manhatten to take a test ride and don't forget to check out our selection of electric scooters and electric bikes for your commute!

Microkickboard Maxi Deluxe
Our Maxi Deluxe scooter takes the multi award winning, much revered scooter for ages 5-12 to the next level. This deluxe version has an anodized stem for extra protection against wear and tear, a unique, silicone-injected footplate for improved grip, and an adjustable T-bar, meaning that as your child grows, their Maxi Deluxe will grow with them. Impeccable Swiss engineering, thoughtful attention to detail and innovative design makes this a scooter to bring on every adventure! The Maxi Deluxe is now available in 10+ fresh color combinations. An original proprietor of the lean-to-steer design, we have seen it all when it comes to scooter engineering, and fully recommend the lean-to-steer method as the safest and most fun way for kids to ride. The T-bar provides stability as children steer by using their body weight to lean right or left. Kids love “surfing the sidewalk” on their scooters! Safety certified by the CPSC, the Maxi Deluxe is recommended for children up to 110 lbs. SAFETY - For best protection, we strongly recommend that children wear helmets and knee pads when riding. Non marking wheels allow children to learn to scoot in the safety of your home. AWARDS - Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award Seal and Platinum Seal (2009), Parents Choice Approved (2010), Universal Design Award and Universal Design Consumer Favorite (2009), Red Dot Design Award (2009)
Microkickboard Mini Deluxe
The best-rated scooters for 2 to 5 year olds just got better! Micro's 3-wheeled Mini Deluxe scooter utilizes a Lean-To-Steer design, offering a stable ride that supports toddlers and small children as they master balance and coordination. Incredibly strong (holds up to 75lbs) yet extremely lightweight, the Mini Deluxe is perfect for young children. Its adjustable handlebar grows with children from age 2 up to age 5. Comes with a gold standard 2-year manufacturer's warranty and award-winning customer service, combined with replaceable parts; your Mini Deluxe scooter is sure to last, virtually forever! No assembly required: simply insert T-bar (handlebar) into the deck and ride! Before riding - please tighten handlebar clamp to desired resistance using supplied tool.
Microkickboard Sprite
Go anywhere on the Micro Sprite! Our lightest 2-wheeled scooter for ages 8 to adult, the Sprite weighs just 5.9 lbs and folds for easy portability. It’s our highest rated 2-wheel scooter for a reason! Perfect for middle school students, moms, commuters, and family travelers, the Sprite is everyone’s favorite. Unlike other brands, Micro offers superior materials, design, and construction, resulting in an ultra-smooth glide. No rattle or shake here! When you’re ready to end your ride, simply deploy the patented 2-way kickstand to keep your scooter parked upright, or hook on your scooter strap (one of our most popular accessories) to bring your scooter with you onto public transport or up the stairs. The Sprite is ready to take on any adventure! While the Sprite can be a comfortable ride for those up to 220 lbs, we would direct adults to the Micro White, Micro Black, or Flex Series scooter. For larger adults, we recommend the Micro Suspension. The Sprite comes completely assembled, with a patented double-button folding system. To unfold, simply loosen the clamp on the folding mechanism, then push in and hold the 2 buttons on either side of the front wheel. SAFETY - We always recommend that riders wear a helmet.
Xootr Dash
REAR FENDER BRAKE KIT INCLUDED The Dash is the newest model in our kick scooter line-up. Some would think that this in our "entry level" model, but there is nothing entry level about it. This foot scooter is built on top of the same frame structure and uses the same large, fast polyurethane wheels as all our other models. The deck is made from a plastic material that is available in two colors: blue and red. Don't be fooled by the plastic deck, the Dash push scooter can still support over 800lbs (363 kgs). The platform for the Dash manual scooter shares the same dimensions as our Roma model, so it offers the same slim profile allowing the kicking foot to stroke very close to the centerline of the deck for optimal bio-mechanical efficiency. The narrow deck also makes it easy to carry in crowded subways or buses and other tight quarters such as restaurants, shops, offices, etc. It is also a great choice for packing in suitcases to take with you on vacation or a business trip. The Dash delivers the same efficient kick and the ease of carrying as the Roma model, but with a lower overall weight due to the plastic deck. The longer deck allows you to fit both feet 'goofy-style' (one foot in front of the other) unlike other adult kick scooters such as the Razor A5 Lux, Know-Ped, or Micro. If you live in a cramped city apartment, often travel in and around crowded areas, or are just looking for the most affordable way to obtain the performance of a Xootr kick scooter, the Dash is for you. FEATURES The lightest Xootr kick scooter Patented steering and quick-click latch folding system Plastic resin deck Narrow deck allows for optimal kicking efficiency. Ultra-low-resistance polyurethane tires for a super-efficient glide Shielded, self-lubricating bearings Award-winning industrial design USER'S MANUAL LEGACY (V3) XOOTR SCOOTER USER MANUAL IF YOU HAVE AN OLD-STYLE "PIN" LATCH.
Xootr MG
REAR FENDER BRAKE KIT INCLUDED The deck of the Mg is solid magnesium (no kidding) providing the lightest deck structure of our wide-deck models. The Mg has a beautiful, sleek, and modern look. We believe the Xootr Mg is the most advanced push scooter ever made, which is why it is our best selling model. It offers a wide deck which provides comfortable cruising, allowing you to have both feet side by side on the deck unlike other adult kick scooters such as the Razor A5 Lux, Know-Ped, or Micro. FEATURES All-magnesium deck for light weight Wide platform for comfortable cruising (ride with feet side by side) Ultra-low-resistance polyurethane tires for a super-efficient glide Shielded, self-lubricating bearings Award-winning industrial design by Lunar Design Patented steering and folding system Rated as the top kick scooter for adults in 2018 USER'S MANUAL LEGACY (V3) XOOTR SCOOTER USER MANUAL IF YOU HAVE AN OLD-STYLE "PIN" LATCH.
Microkickboard Micro Merlin Electric Scooter
-Speeds up to 18 mph* -Up to 15 mile range from powerful 280 Wh battery -Dual front and rear suspension absorbs bumps -Cruise control -Tires are puncture-proof & large for a smooth, dependable ride -Full recharge in under 3 hours -Regenerative front wheel brake & rear wheel foot brake -Foot-engaged folding mechanism You probably already know how great electric scooters are for getting to the office, across campus and around town. We've created an e-scooter that combines all the best features out there: The Micro Merlin. Performance. Long-range e-scooters are heavy and lighter-weight e-scooters lack range. For many, the Micro Merlin hits the sweet spot. 24 lbs light with a range of 15 miles and A top speed of 18 mph*. After extensive real world testing we believe the Merlin has the speed and range necessary for most commutes, while also being light and compact enough to fold and carry when needed. The Merlin has (4) different ride settings as every commute is unique. For example Eco maximizes range at the expense of power and top speed, Sport mode maximize power for hills at the expense of range . Standard mode optimizes both speed and range. Standard is the mode it is set on when you receive it, and it is the mode we recommend for most rides. Once set up, after 5 seconds cruise control will maintain whatever speed you are going until you touch either brake. Comfort. The Merlin has 8-inch puncture-proof rubber tires, front and rear suspension and ergonomic hand grips all combine to deliver an exceptional ride; it feels almost like you’re floating over the bumps. The smooth ride allows you to go further and faster more safely. Convenience. The regenerative front brake charges the battery as you brake and will become the brake you use most to slow or stop. Apply gentle pressure until it engages, then increase. For stopping quickly use the rear foot brake and front brake together. When braking lean back slightly. A full charge from zero takes just under 3 hours. But it only takes one hour if the battery has more than a 25% charge. The electronic display screen tells you what you need to know - speed, battery level when stationary, and temperature. Merlin’s powerful front and rear lights come on automatically in low light conditions – we know you want to see and be seen. * There is a setting that increases top speed to 18mph. If interested please call our toll-free number, (888) 236-5667, with your scooter serial number. For your safety, every detail has been thought through to the last detail: Intelligent LED lights are integrated in the front and automatically light up when it starts to get dark. They can be turned on and off at any time. The lights act as brake lights in the back of the scooter. Cruise control allows you to maintain your speed, easy to activate or deactivate Energy recovery technology recovers battery energy during braking. Trolley mode: once folded, the Micro Merlin can be transported more easily by rolling it on the front wheel.
Imoving Adventurer Beast Electric Scooter
The Adventure Beast for the person with a little excitement in their veins. With a stronger motor, longer-range battery and plenty of zip it’s ideal for the urban commuter and weekend warrior. This Beast will be dependable for the workday as well as fun and thrills on the weekend. Product Specifications: -High Quality Braking: Dual Disc Brakes -State-of-the-Art Motor System: 48V/800W -Maximum Speed: 25 mph -Maximum Range: 30 miles -Maximum Load: 330 lbs -Sleek Design: All aluminum construction with 10" vacuum tires, super shock spring (80MM), 20° climbing slope, waterproof IP55 -Longer Life Battery: Samsung: 48V/20AH
Imoving Baby Beast Electric Scooter
Our Baby Beast is not to be taken lightly — Stronger than the average scooter but very manageable for the average man or woman. Perfect for the city streets or city parks. Smooth comfortable ride with extra power and range for everyday activities. Product Specifications: -High Quality Braking: Dual Disc Brakes -State-of-the-Art Motor System: 48V/800W -Maximum Speed: 25 mph -Maximum Range: 22 miles -Maximum Load: 330 lbs -Sleek Design: All aluminum construction with 10" vacuum tires, super shock spring (80MM), 15° climbing slope, waterproof IP55 -Longer Life Battery: Samsung: 48V/10AH
Imoving Extreme Beast Electric Scooter
Meet the Extreme Beast. It’s scary how much fun this thing is—hungry for adventure and chomping at the bit to put a monstrously massive grin on your face. Unleash the thrills on the mountain bike course, or just around town, The Beast turns your whole world into a playground. Product Specifications: -High Quality Braking: Dual Disc Brakes -State-of-the-Art Motor System: 48V/1600W (2 motors x 800W) -Maximum Speed: 35 mph -Maximum Range: 40 miles -Maximum Load: 330 lbs -Sleek Design: All aluminum construction with 10" vacuum tires, all wheel drive, super shock spring (80MM), 25° climbing slope, waterproof IP55 -Longer Life Battery: Samsung: 48V/20AH
Imoving Houdini Electric Scooter
This little disappearing act is an absolute game-changer in personal transportation. The Houdini packs so much punch, you won’t believe it fits in your backpack. A portable, yet powerful, fold-and-go performer that makes life an unbelievably magical ride. Flying from the metro to work, to teleporting to a late-night rendezvous, the world’s your oyster with this iconic, ultra-packable escape artist. Product Specifications: -High Quality Braking: Electric and manual brakes -State-of-the-Art Motor System: 250W Maximum Speed: 15 mph Maximum Range: 12 miles Maximum Load: 220 lbs Sleek Design: All aluminum construction with PU flatless tires, front wheel suspension, Bluetooth speaker, USB output, front light, horn alert, canvas carry bag included Longer Life Battery: Samsung:25.2V/5.8 Ah
Imoving Phantom Electric Scooter
You’ve never seen anything like The Phantom. This thing is simply from another realm. Step on it once, change how you get there forever. It’s plain spooky how smooth this smart machine soars. For all your transportation needs—from the daily commute, to a night on the town, this ultra-sleek dream will float you wherever you wish. Just don’t dare call it a scooter. Product Specifications: -High Quality Braking: Electric and Disc brakes -State-of-the-Art Motor System: 36V/350W -Maximum Speed: 18 mph -Maximum Range: 20 miles -Maximum Load: 275 lbs -Sleek Design: All aluminum construction with 8.5" Honeycomb tires, front light, bell alert, waterproof Ip55 -Longer Life Battery: Samsung: 36V/5.2 AH
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