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Tern GSD & Tern HSD Bicycles
+ Tern Quick Haul & Tern NBD

Explore Tern's Electric Bike Innovations

Over a decade ago, Tern ventured into the electric bike arena, catching everyone off guard. Little did they know that Tern would unleash a wave of innovation, particularly with their electric cargo bike range. Today, Tern reigns supreme in the realm of kid-hauling electric bikes, and while many have tried to replicate the GSD-NA, none have managed to ascend to its throne.


Discover Tern's Electric Bike Lineup

Tern GSD: The Hardcore Cargo Car Replacement

Unparalleled cargo-carrying capabilities

Tern HSD: Still Small, Super Useful

Compact yet incredibly practical

Tern Quick Haul: Your Value-Oriented Practical Mover

Affordable, dependable, and efficient

Tern NBD: The Easiest Electric Bike to Ride

Effortless and enjoyable riding experience

Experience the future of electric biking with Tern – where innovation meets utility, and the road ahead is filled with endless possibilities.

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