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Tern GSD & Tern HSD Bicycles
+ Tern Quick Haul & Tern NBD

All Folding bicycles make enormous sense for anyone traveling around New York City while also being easy to fold and to store. Tern's claim to fame is that unlike many folding bicycles it is just as solid as any other bike. Even industry pros say it rides just like a rigid bicycle. 

Tern offers several options, one to suit each style and need: 

  • Tern GSD road bike weight cargo that's ready to replace your car
  • Tern HSD incredibly durable with additional components
  • Tern Quick Haul capable, and Tern's most affordable cargo option 
  • Tern NBD a low-step ebike, small in size and easy to ride

Tern Folding Bicycles

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