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About Our Test Rides

Everything you need to know

Bicycles NYC is one of the few New York City bike stores that offer a truly wide variety of wonderful types, brands and models of bicycles. One of the best ways to select the right one is taking test rides to feel how they differ from each other and from your current ride.
In fact, most people feel that this is the best part of shopping for new bikes. However, we're a New York City bike shop and for your safety (and the care of our bikes), we'd like to explain: What To Wear And Bring, Our Requirements, How We Prep The Bike, and how you should Test Ride the bike.
What To Wear And Bring
While you're welcome to test ride our bicycles in street clothes, we recommend wearing athletic or rubber-soled shoes so that you'll be able to pedal and get on and off each bicycle comfortably.
For test riding sport bikes such as road and off-road models for training, racing or long-distance riding, feel free to wear your full-on riding gear, shorts, jersey and shoes (you can suit up in our dressing room). This is the best way to compare new machines because it's what you're used to when you're riding your current bike.
Similarly, if you use a certain pedal/shoe system, you can bring your pedals, too, and we'll install them on the bike so you'll be able to ride what you're used to.
If you have a helmet, please bring it, as well. We have test-ride loaner lids, yet yours has been fit to your head so it will feel more comfortable and secure.

Bicycles NYC, a family-centered bicycle shop located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, offers a diverse range of bicycles for customers to test ride. The shop emphasizes safety and comfort during test rides by providing guidelines on what to wear and bring, such as athletic shoes and helmets. They also allow customers to bring their own riding gear and pedals for a more familiar experience.

To test ride a bike, customers must be at least 18 years old or accompanied by a legal guardian, and they need to present a valid driver's license and a major credit card. The shop preps each bike for test rides by checking tire pressure, brakes, and gears, and may adjust the seat for a better fit. They also offer a brief demonstration on shifting and braking if needed.

The Test Ride

Test rides are conducted near the shop, and customers are encouraged to thoroughly test the bike's performance by riding on various terrains. The shop requests that customers return within 15 to 30 minutes to accommodate others' test rides and maintain the bikes' condition. Off-road testing is not allowed to preserve the bikes' new condition.

Overall, Bicycles NYC emphasizes customer safety, comfort, and satisfaction throughout the test ride process and welcomes any questions or inquiries about cycling.