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Bicycle Service & Repair in NYC

Bicycle Service Packages

Piermont 2.0 $100

We start with a Tenafly to asses the entirety of your bicycle.  Then we adjust your brakes and gears to perfection.  We will make them work as well as they are capable.  We wipe and lubricate your chain, derailleur pivots and cables.  We adjust all bearing components which include your headset, hubs and bottom bracket.  We'll also adjust your non-bearing components which include your handlebars, stem, seatpost, saddle, brake levers, grips, etc...  We do minor adjustments on trying your wheels if they're not too bad and lastly, we'll speak kindly to your bike while we do it.  If I were you, I'd consider this service or better yet the one below.  This service comes with our 30 day "It'll work or bring it back guarantee"

Nyack $175 A.K.A. Annual Service

The Nyack is our premier service.  It includes everything in the Tenafly and the Piermont and adds a lot more.  Not only do you get perfect shifting and braking, adjusted bearing and non-bearing components but we clean your bike from tire to saddle.  We remove your drive-train and soak it in a degreasing solvent and it comes back to you looking as new as it can but of course we offer one more awesome service...  The Bear Mountain.  This service comes with our 30 day "It'll work or bring it back guarantee".

The Harriman $500  A.K.A. The Whole Enchilada

You want it?  We do it.  Not only do we give your bike a Piermont, and a Nyack but we go further.  How much further you ask?  REALLY REALLY FAR!  We strip your bike to the frame and clean all of it.  Inside and out.  The things you can't see like bearings, the threads, the cables, the brake pads, all get full attention.  We degrease everything, true your wheels, glue your tubulars, give fresh cables and housing, brake pads, and fancy anodized cable ends.  Your bike comes back to you not wanting to roll into your $30 million dollar brownstone because it's a dirty place and your bike now has an OCD disorder.  It usually takes us 4-8 hours to do it so you know it's worth it.  This service is really good for old bikes, vintage bikes or the bike your love.  It's like taking your car to the best shop in the city and then driving up to the Bronx and having those detailing dudes go crazy cleaning it.  You won't recognize it.  It's a crazy amount of work.  Do it.  Your bike will love you for it.  This service comes with our extended 60 day "It'll work or bring it back guarantee".


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Repair Rates

Minimum Labor $12

Minimum Adjustment $15



Lifetime Flats: $100

Schraeder: $16.50

Presta: $18.35

60mm or 80mm Presta: $22

29er: $22

Electric bike drive wheel: $35

Internal Gear: $25

Gluing a Tubular: $35


*All builds come with our 30 day "It'll work or bring it back guarantee"

Basic Single Speed: $50

Normal Brakes and Gears Bike: $80

Full Suspension MTB: $140

Internal Cabled Road Bike or MTB: $140

Internal Cabled Tri-Bike: $350-$450

Cervelo California or Similar: $500

Box/Pack Bike: $100

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*Tax not included in the prices shown. We reserve the right to charge $5/day storage for any repair left over 1 week beyond the due date and will sell the bicycle if left over 30 days.  Really, this is NYC and as you can plainly see we don't have any storage space so please pick up your bike on time and we'll be best friends.  Our favorite thing to hear is "I'm here to pick up my bike".  These prices are based on minimums.  Our shop is in a high rent area so we must charge for even the smallest adjustments.  We don't lend tools.  You wouldn't ask to borrow a chefs knife from a restaurant, a scalpel from a doctor, or clippers from your barber.