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Imoving Phantom Electric Scooter

Imoving Phantom Electric Scooter
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You’ve never seen anything like The Phantom. This thing is simply from another realm. Step on it once, change how you get there forever. It’s plain spooky how smooth this smart machine soars. For all your transportation needs—from the daily commute, to a night on the town, this ultra-sleek dream will float you wherever you wish. Just don’t dare call it a scooter.

Product Specifications:

-High Quality Braking: Electric and
Disc brakes

-State-of-the-Art Motor System: 36V/350W

-Maximum Speed: 18 mph

-Maximum Range: 20 miles

-Maximum Load: 275 lbs

-Sleek Design: All aluminum construction with 8.5" Honeycomb tires, front light, bell alert, waterproof Ip55

-Longer Life Battery: Samsung: 36V/5.2 AH

Brake Better

We feature only the highest quality, top-of-the-line braking system on each and every one of our products to ensure maximum performance and safety for our rider.

Our products boast the most precise and impressive motor system available—defining peak performance and providing the extra punch needed to power our riders anywhere they want to go.

An industrial design incorporating the smooth, seamless lines of modern art with the materials and pantones of contemporary culture carries our riders where they want to be in style.

We strategically selected the longest lasting batteries on the market to match the safety and longevity of everything else about our products. Because the key criterion of pursuing our passion to provide the world the freedom of movement is responsibility.

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