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Adult Scooters

xootr scooters now in stockBicycles NYC is proud to offer the Xootr MG. It is the lightest scooter Xootr makes. The scooter deck is machined from a solid piece of Magnesium making it an incredibly lightweight scooter. The deck height is lower than any other scooter which gives the Xootr MG a feeling of enormous stability while riding. It;s a bargain at $269 and we've included the rear brake/fender with that price.

We also have the Xootr Street which is the strongest scooter they make, with a 300lb weight limit. It has an Aluminum deck machined from 6061 Aluminum. This scooter is designed for the person that will use it daily. especially for commuting. The Deck has grip tape on it. Both Xootr scooters have a deck wide enough to put two feet on the deck.

The Xootr MG is stable and light  The Xootr Street is perfect for getting around the city 

Child Scooters

The MicroKickboard is fun and safeWe carry the MicoKickboard.

The Micro gets the best overall reviews of all children's scooters. They are a three wheeled design (two in the front, one in the back ) which offers better balance and stability for children. They all come with a rear fender/brake. Their scooters are safety certified by the CPSC. The lower deck give great stability and the fiberglass deck is more shock absorbing than a metal deck for little ones.

The Mini Micro is designed for children ages 3-5 (although children younger can use them depending on height) and has a 50 pound weight limit. We carry them in Blue, Pink and Green ( their three most popular colors.. green is their best selling neutral color)

The Micro is designed for children 5-8 and has a 110lb weight limit. The deck is much sturdier and unlike the Mini the handlebar is adjustable to accommodate a growing child. The rear wheel is also twice as wide as the Mini Micro ( more stable ). Same colors as the Mini.

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