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We Want Your Bike

Ready to Upgrade? Trade in Your Bike!

Uncle Sam (Shop Manager) Needs Your Bikes!

 Valid May 23 - Jul 30

Email us at for more information!

Is your old bicycle gathering dust somewhere? Bring Us Your Dead Bicycles! Let's Make a Deal where you can get as much as 50% of its original value and also have the opportunity to UPGRADE. Interested? Simply submit 5 photos of your current bike (left side, right side, above, front, rear) and a written description including brand, model, year, and mechanical details. All your tires will be flat, no worries. You will then receive a quote for store credit as well as receive a shareable quote to bring with you to verify your bike’s value. If you choose to trade-in, please schedule an appointment. 
If you trade-in or upgrade we may have financing available. All submissions must be made by email only, not in-store.